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Another Asterius Drawing by PrincessGardevoir Another Asterius Drawing :iconprincessgardevoir:PrincessGardevoir 1 1 Shadow Labrys Post-Marker by PrincessGardevoir Shadow Labrys Post-Marker :iconprincessgardevoir:PrincessGardevoir 2 1 Old Zen Tangle Flower (344 Designs) by PrincessGardevoir Old Zen Tangle Flower (344 Designs) :iconprincessgardevoir:PrincessGardevoir 2 0 Zen Tangle Flower: 99 Petals, some 300-400 designs by PrincessGardevoir Zen Tangle Flower: 99 Petals, some 300-400 designs :iconprincessgardevoir:PrincessGardevoir 2 0
Another Story Idea - Parallel Universe Theory stuf
So another, DIFFERENT story concept than previous ones. Came up with this after Finals today; got finals tomorrow and then it's all over. Thank god.
Anyone here read Higarushi: When They Cry? Or its sister series, Umineko? Probably not, but I'll give you a short rundown of why these are important here: Like parallel universes? Ever wanted to go ahead and have access to every single world, but being thrown into a new one every time you died? Endless enjoyment?
For two people, who I will name Forde and James (with their original names being unknown; they are just filler right now), this is a nightmare that never ends; with James being the one who silently is enjoying it all with Forde being the one truly stuck.
Let's rewind a bit. James, being extremely curious despite not having the direct brains to do anything that he'd want to do, and Forde, with the brains to do anything, managed to find - SOMEHOW - a method of connecting parallel universes. Quadrillions of small spheres with lights
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Old Test Subject - Zero: Chapters 3 and 4
Alright, now chapters 3 and 4. Turns out text size was too big somehow. Not sure why; I would think text wouldn't be as big as it is I guess.
   Zephyr let out a short breath and walked past me down the hallway, turning right directly into a room which led to yet another hallway, if I wasn’t wrong. I’d memorized the building inch by inch in my experiences travelling through the entire building, but Soul seemed to have some insanity complex to keep changing the building’s design every few weeks or so, whether it just be one room or an entire hallway plan. That, or he was a genius and knew of what I was trying to do since I gained a bit of a brain. If that was the case, the guy was even more of a mastermind than I had thought of him to be.
   I did hear the faint sound of a hum go through the entire hallway, and I knew that it meant I’d have one minute to get going to where I was supposed to be.
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Old Test Subject - Zero: Chapter 1
The story's told from two different perspectives, a girl named Zoramine and a guy named Alexander, which I came up with while reading Eragon and liking the split perspective going on. Well, even still this is old text and definitely not only error ridden but also REALLY poor in story. I know, I'm working on it, this text is over a year old now for at least the first chapter >.<
Chapter 2 was skipped since, while even chapters are Alexander's perspective, it's not really necessary for anyone to know. I could add it if people want but... Not really something I have to add right now. I'm kinda embarrased over it XD
But with that out of the way, let's go and put all my text down. If you have any questions... Just ask. I'd be happy to explain character development, why I did what I did, and would love to hear ideas >;o
...I hope to god this isn't too long.
~~~~~START OF CHAPTER 1~~~~~
       I wa
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Old Story Idea - Test Subject: ZERO
Here's a bit older one of my story ideas that I actually started working on, and I'd not like anyone else to use bit I feel like sharing to see peoples opinions and to know if someone has already done this before.
The idea came about after reading Maximum Ride, James Patterson's novel for anyone knowledgeable on that. Ever read a story and just felt like there was this main character or villain that you thought was SERIOUSLY screwing up, making one minor mistake or taking one wrong turn in their plan and fucking it up then paying for it? Well, villains are supposed to be SMART, for god's sake, so why not make him of a bookaholic?
I might actually put up the third and fourth chapters (since the story is told initially from two different points, and I'll add in some text explaining what happened beforehand if its important). It gives you an idea of my actual storywriting skills, if any lol
Well, the basic premise of the original idea was that the story takes place about 5 years from now
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Story Idea - World Internet Crisis-style
First time doing this... Time to screw it up as I always do.
I came up with a story idea at the grocery store of all things and I thought it warranted enough interest for me to share it around and get some other people's thoughts on it so I could see what I could change involving this.
So the broad concept stems from people's paranoia; you know what I mean by this. You probably have been afraid at least once or twice before of people judging you based on what you are buying, what you are doing on a computer, or what you are carrying. So, in the future to counterract this, there have become a sort of caste-system based function around almost every device, electronically, that when in specific areas can be turned on to prevent people from seeing what it is you are doing.
For example, say you are working on a computer but don't want your students around you to judge you on what it is you are doing. By turning on a electronic chip on the computer, only you are able to see that you are typi
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Toaster by Vocashugorabbit Toaster :iconvocashugorabbit:Vocashugorabbit 22 6 Lights After The Rain by Szerine Lights After The Rain :iconszerine:Szerine 13 6


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Another Asterius Drawing
Just another Asterius drawing (from P4AU), done in pencil and then inked. I really like how this one turned out, and there were only 2 reference materials I used: a background check to make sure I was doing the chains and the metal beams correctly, then my other pencil & ink drawing. Was a fun time!!
Shadow Labrys Post-Marker
Just me doing a basic sketch using only reference material, then inking it. I liked how it turned out.
Old Zen Tangle Flower (344 Designs)
Older one from back more than a year ago. This is the flower I'm most proud of and I need to find again; I added onto it to make it a good 450-500 designs none repeated but I happened to misplace it. If I find it I'll put it up.
Zen Tangle Flower: 99 Petals, some 300-400 designs
Poor quality i know, Ipads aren't the best for taking pictures.

Made this last school year for my art final and safe to say that I'm extremely proud of it. Got another one I'll put up momentarily.


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I'm partially an artist, mainly doing Zen Tangle artwork but also practicing drawing people and decent at doing scenery.

I'm really big on writing, though, and that's what I'll probably use this for; keeping track of my story ideas and getting thoughts on them. Yep!


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